Vintage Romance Bouquet from Dilly Lily

Romance flourishes in many forms at a wedding: the gentle kiss of a husband on his newlywed wife’s forehead, a tender exchange of personal vows, or the squeezing of hands under the table during a loving toast. Forming the perfect background for these expressions of romance is the elegance of flowers, be it from the aroma of a peony or the vintage magic of these special bouquets from our newest Chicago vendor guide member, Dilly Lily.

These handcrafted “Glamelia” bouquets are a tribute to the original Gladiola bouquet; they bring back the vintage classic romance. A full-size bouquet is comprised of over 1,200 petals, each one carefully placed to create the illusion of one continuous flower.

Glemlia Bouquet Dilly Lily

Dilly Lily seeks the most unique, exquisite varieties to use in their designs and pays homage to each flower’s distinctive beauty. The journey of each individual flower is surprisingly arduous, comprised of various stages and passing many hands on its way from seed to arrangement, and Dilly Lily gravitates toward the growers that take great pride in their work and put their heart and soul into their fields. They produce a much better product and that inspires better design. As Christine Noelle, owner and Creative Director of Dilly Lily and Christine Noelle Design says, “I feel you owe it to the life of the flower to create something magical and memorable. For me, flowers have always been a labor of love. It is as much about the process as it is about the result. The colors, texture, shape, scent, and beauty continues to capture my attention, intrigue my eye and inspire my need to create.”

Individual Petal BouquetIndividual Petal Bouquet by Dilly Lily

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*this post was sponsored by Dilly Lily.