Meet Sarah and Charles. Sarah is adventurous, full of energy and loves a great cup of coffee. Charles, her husband-to-be, is laid back, outdoorsy and a hardcore football fan. Together they are crazy in love and planning a super-fun wedding that includes tributes to both of their personalities. Together they are also planning for an action-packed honeymoon, total kitchen renovation and future date nights using their wedding registry. That’s right, their wedding registry. And it’s all thanks to an amazing vendor we are excited to introduce you to today: Wedding Republic!

Wedding Republic is a beautiful website that allows you to quickly set up a customized cash wedding registry, full of gifts you truly want. Whether it’s a honeymoon excursion, tickets to see a Broadway show or money to put towards a house down payment, anything that is important to you can be included on the registry. Toasters and tea towels not necessary!

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To set up the registry, you can browse through a lovely gallery of gift suggestions or insert your own gift ideas. Customizable descriptions make it possible to describe your goals and dreams as a married couple and add your own prices, giving the registry a personal touch that guests will love. You can even break up expensive items, such as their dream bedroom furniture set, into smaller “puzzle pieces”, so guests can feel comfortable contributing towards a portion of something they especially adore.

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Flexibility is also a huge perk of using Wedding Republic. If you register for a new iPad, but end up changing your mind, you don’t have to worry about return polices because you simply collected the cash value, which can be put towards something else. No more keeping track of tons of receipts, making endless runs to the store for returns or worrying about winding up with unneeded gifts, thank goodness!

Visit Wedding Republic today and start registering for the important things in that big, beautiful life ahead of you. Your dreams are just waiting to unfold!

*This post was sponsored by Wedding Republic