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You’ve chosen your gown and decided on your bridesmaids’ dresses, and now it’s time to think about the apparel for the men involved in your wedding. But just when you thought the hours of deliberating your perfect style were over, you realize how many tux options there are and how much pestering it is going to take to ensure all the men have picked up their wedding outfits! Luckily, Jos. A. Bank has a new website that will make the process of finding the perfect tuxedo and managing the rental process much easier both you and your groom.

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The Jos. A. Bank site lets you view a variety of coats, pants, ties and more, but the truly beautiful and unique part of their website is how simple they make managing the rental process! After you have chosen your ensemble, you can register your event and monitor the status of groomsmen’s orders with the click of a button. Jos. A. Bank sends emails to the groomsmen reminding them to get measured and place their orders, and then emails the bride (or groom) to notify you when one of them has done so! No more badgering the men to pick up their tuxes or calling the store to see if anyone has stopped by to get measured. Jos. A. Bank handles the coordination for you, so you can focus on the next important step of wedding planning–like finding the perfect boutonniere to match that two button, steel gray coat!

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So before you start visiting every male outfitter in town to find your ideal tux, be sure to visit Jos. A Bank where you can pick the perfect style and skip the stress!

*This post was sponsored by Jos. A. Bank