You’ve seen it around here a lot. It’s timeless, elegant and has a color so stunning we just can’t get enough. Sparkling on tabletops, glinting on cakes, glittering on shoes…gold has captured our hearts! It’s been a symbol of marriage for hundreds of years because of its preciousness, and we love seeing it in weddings…especially on the ring fingers of brides and grooms.  The World Gold Council is spreading the shiny joy of this metal, and we’re excited to share with you how it can be used to personalize your wedding ring!

Say It with Gold Gray

If you and your groom-to-be are searching for the perfect way to express your commitment with your wedding bands, be sure to consider saying it in gold. Gold rings are the ultimate metal for engravings, allowing for sweet messages to be printed on your band that will last a lifetime. Its malleability also makes it perfect for unique shapes and styles, like the Forever Leaf Ring by L Frank, pictured above.

Rings by Aurora Lopez Meija Gray

We especially love the texture and the depth of these pieces from jeweler Aurora Lopez Meija. Paired with diamonds or engraved with promises, Aurora Lopez Meija does an incredible job conveying the power of love and commitment through her personalized jewelry from rings to bracelets (as illustrated in image #7). For a little background about her and why she thinks gold makes it a marriage, be sure to check out this powerful video.

Ring and Bracelet Details: 1. Heather B. Moore \ 2. McTeigue & McClelland \ 3. Me and Ro \ 4. L Frank \ 5. Heather B. Moore \ 6. Aurora Lopez Mejia \ 7. Aurora Lopez Mejia bracelets \ 8-10.  Aurora Lopez Mejia

*This post was sponsored by the World Gold Council.