You might remember us raving last March about Appy Couple, a seriously-does-it-all product that lets you publish your own beautiful wedding app and corresponding website. Well, we’re still crazy about it, and we’re thrilled to announce that Appy Couple is now available to everyone — no invitation code needed! In addition to letting you create a super-pretty app and website, Appy Couple also lets you manage your RSVPs, sends coordinated emails to your guests, gives access to your registries, lets guests learn about each other ahead of time and share photos! Yes, there is also a point-and-shoot camera function in the app for guests to capture your big day. Yes, all these photos get saved to the same place in the app. Yes, you will obsess over how easy and organized everything is! (We are!)

Appy Couple Suite

We love how Appy Couple combines so many digital tools into one user-friendly and stylish experience. There are tons of amazing designs to choose from, and if you want matching paper invitations, and we know you do, Appy Couple has you covered.

Appy Couple 1

Appy Couple 2

The pre-launch price for Appy Couple is $28, and this is a one-time, flat fee that gives you access to the entire design catalogue as well as all the fun stuff we mentioned above. Flexible privacy options also make it easy to make certain events visible to only those who are invited, so you don’t have to worry about sharing more information than necessary. To see Appy Couple in action, take a peek at this video and watch how it makes wedding planning as easy as falling in love!

*This post was sponsored by Appy Couple.