Justine Bursoni Photography

Justine Bursoni is a globe-trotter, a lover of creativity and a Midwesterner inspired by fine art.  She’s also a gem of a photographer who we love to feature on EAD, and today we are so excited to give you a little behind-the-scenes info about this lovely lady!

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After Justine graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.A. in Art History and an M.A in Art Education, she bought a Canon 5D Mark II with all of her graduation money and decided to take up her childhood hobby of shooting photos to keep herself busy as she sought work as a teacher. Within a few weeks, a friend asked if she’d be willing to shoot photos at her upcoming wedding that summer. She agreed, and the rest is, as they say, history. Justine’s passion is photography, and she adores capturing a couple as they celebrate their commitment on their wedding day.  Her inspiration comes from the couples that she works with, and she loves to share her work with others.  We’re so thankful—we love featuring stunning weddings like this one!

Justine Bursoni 2

Never one to shy away from multiple lenses and multiple camera bodies, Justine also takes photos with a variety of film in order to ensure a unique vision and interesting approach to a couple’s special day. Using Polaroid film, along with a trusty Diana, her work with a DSLR ends up being just part of each story.

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If you are looking for an amazing photographer to capture your special day, Justine is based in Chicago, but is always the first to suggest multiple locations for any occasion, whether it’s an engagement session or the wedding day itself.  For additional samples of her work, be sure to visit her vendor guide portfolio and website.

*This post was sponsored by Justine Bursoni Photography, but the gushing was all ours!