DIY Splatter Paint Notecards

We love giving updated uses to simple techniques, and these splatter-painted notecards from Rebekah J. Murray fit the bill!

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards

Supplies needed:

  • Watercolor paper or blank note card sets (white or kraft paper) both available at craft supply stores. Using watercolor paper is best since the heavier paperweight can handle more paint without warping.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Assorted brushes – the more variety the better, as each brush will produce a different type of splatter. These splatter paint brushes work best.
  • Plastic drop cloths
  • Optional – paper trimmer

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards 3DIY Splatter Painted Notecards 10

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards

From Rebekah:

What I love most about this kind of project is that there’s a certain element of randomness that makes each card different, and is such a simple way to personalize notecard writing.

When using the watercolor paper I like to do a color wash to start, (really watered down paint) just to give the background some texture. You don’t have to let the paints dry before adding another layer, although if you don’t want the colors to blend you can. Spreading the papers out on a table is the most efficient way to get through a lot at once, although you don’t have as much control over each individual one. (but to be honest, that’s part of the fun!)

DIY Splatter Painted NotecardsDIY Splatter Painted Notecards

For smaller, more uniform splatters use just a little water in your paint and brushes with short bristles, or experiment with longer-haired brushes and adding more water for the opposite effect. It’s definitely a messy project so make sure anything important nearby is covered with a drop cloth.

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards

If using watercolor paper the sheets can take an hour or two to fully dry, and the a paper trimmer is perfect for cutting them down to whatever size is needed.

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards

Having an easily-accessible collection of blank cards makes me more likely to write often, and it’s a perfect way to encourage the habit without spending much at all.

DIY Splatter Painted Notecards

Photography – Rebekah J. Murray