15 Unique Guest Book Ideas

While we still crush on the classic and sophisticated traditional guest book, a unique and interactive guest book alternative is a fun way to get guests chatting and mingling at the start of your reception! We’ve rounded up 15 fabulous and unique wedding guest book ideas–click through to see our favorite guest book inspiration!

Heart Initial Guest Book

This keepsake guest book idea is just too fun. Punch tiny hearts out of paper, adhere to a shadowbox frame, and have guests write their names on the hearts!

Photo: Cinzia Bruschini Photography

Paper Handkerchief Guest BookEat Drink Chic created the most beautiful handkerchief-style stationery (downloadables here!). Can’t you just imagine these as a beautiful, finished guest book?

Photo: Eat Drink Chic

Globe Guest BookTravel lovers, this one is for you! Grab a vintage globe and some sharpies – have guests write their names over either their hometowns or perhaps favorite vacation spots?

Photo: Orange Turtle

Painting Station Guest Book

Create a lovely keepsake for your home by having guests paint you a work of art!

Photo: Susan Dean

Vintage Postcard Guest Book

Vintage postcards can be placed in an album so that you can both remember your wedding city and read the fond words written by your family and friends.

Photo: You Look Nice Today Photography

Silhouette Guest BookSilhouettes are so perfectly old-fashioned. For a combo guest book and favor, hire a silhouette artist to come to your reception and create custom likenesses for all of your guests to be placed in a keepsake album.

Photo: Jose Villa

Notecard Guest Book

Adhere pretty little colored and patterned envelopes into a blank book and fill with notecards for guests to write their personal well-wishes. This would also be fun expanded into a wall hanging!

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography

Love Poem Guest BookVintage books are so elegant and beautiful. We love the idea of purchasing a book of love poems and having guests parse through to find their favorite verses.

Photo: A Bryan Photo

Sheet Music Guest BookFor the music lovers out there, a little sheet music!

Photo: Daria Bishop Photographers

Plate Guest BookHave guests sign decorative plates for a beautiful wall hanging for your new home.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

Signed Chair Guest Book

How fun is this? While we may not be sure this will stand the test of time, we love the idea of a signed “guest book” bench or chair.

Photo: Leila Brewster Photography

Vintage Record Guest BookVinyl! Thrift some vintage records and grab a paint pen. Then frame them and hang them on your wall!

Photo: Chernivsky Weddings

Quilt Guest BookQuilt guest books are one of our favorite keepsake ideas. Either hang a completed quilt for guests to sign, or, if you’re a nervous nelly (as I would be!) set up a stand with quilt squares for guests to sign, and then sew the squares into a quilt post-wedding.

Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat for Real Simple

Jenga Guest Book

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? Put that guest book to good use by having your friends and family sign Jenga pieces. You’ll relive their sweet words at each board game night!

Photo: Miles Witt Boyer

Mad Lib Guest BookWe all loved Mad Libs as children, right? Hilarity will ensue when you’re reading your guest book, Mad Lib style!

Photo: Meredith Perdue