7 Tips for Tackling Thank You Notes

After the months of planning every detail of your wedding, you’d think all the work would be done once your guests have gone home, right? Almost. Just one thing left to do: write thank you notes for all those wonderful gifts!

While it may seem rather daunting to send out so many thank you notes in such a short amount of time, it’s important to send a little (and prompt!) note to say thank you for their generosity. Consider these 7 tips for writing thank you notes to get them out in a flash!

Invitation Suite and Thank You Note

Save the address spreadsheet from your invitations. Make note of any changes of address from between the time you sent out your invites and the time of your wedding.

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Chalkboard Thank You Note

Purchase thank you notes, stamps, and envelopes ahead of time. No need to wait until after your wedding to buy thank you notes. If you plan to use a photo from the wedding on your card, let your photographer know and ask to receive the photo as soon as possible after the wedding. To save time, order photo-free thank you cards at the same time as you order your invitations.

Either way, be sure to skip the pre-printed “thanks for coming!” on the inside. Thank you notes should be personal, with a hand-written message of thanks to your guests.

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Calligraphy Addressed Envelope

Address envelopes ahead of time. Each time an RSVP comes in, grab a thank you note envelope and address it right back to them. If you’re feeling extra fancy, send them to your calligrapher to save yourself a step! Get this task done before the week of your wedding, when thank you notes will be the last thing on your mind!

Calligraphy: The Left Handed Calligrapher

Chevron Thank You Note

Create a loose template of what you’ll write. Try something like:

“Dear Aunt Betty, It was such a pleasure getting to spend our big day with you! Thank you so much for our new standing mixer. We were so excited to register for it and are even more excited to mix our first batch of cookies as husband and wife! We’ll think of you every time we use it. Sincerely, The new Mr. & Mrs. Williams.”

Thank them for coming and for the specific gift, tell a cute anecdote if you have one, and sign off. Keeping the same basic format will make writing easier while still making each note personal.

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Faux Bois Thank You

Print out your spreadsheet of addresses and note who gave you what gift as you open it. Be specific so you can directly reference it in your note (ex: the crystal serving platter vs. the tuscan ceramic serving platter) and so that you can use the right one when they come to visit!

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Photo Wedding Thank You Note

Get your spouse’s help to write them. This is a team effort! Split up the guest list and be sure that each of you write notes to the people you hold most dear. Just make sure you (double) check your guest list to insure no one gets missed.

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Floral Thank You Note

Lastly, and most importantly, get them out promptly. Emily Post says within 3 months but the sooner the better! Follow these tips and it should be easy!

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