Rome Engagement Photos

There may be no more appropriate setting for engagement photos than Rome, “the Eternal City”. Zora and Fely wanted to capture the beauty of one of their city at a place that has always fascinated Zora, the Pantheon. Together with Teresa of In Love In Italy Photography, they spent an afternoon strolling from Ara Pacis Augustae across the river Tevere to sit for a cappuccino at Splendor Parthenopes. They then headed to the Pantheon, crossing Ponte Sant’Angelo and watching the sun set behind the castle. Although they arrived at the Pantheon at the most crowded hour of the day, Teresa captured a stunning image of them standing still with people milling all around–Zora says: “It is my absolute favorite, it captures us and our love profoundly.” We love the enchanting city of Rome and these stunning photos from In Love In Italy Photography!

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Rome Engagement Pictures

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Engagement Photo at the Pantheon

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Rome Cafe Engagement Photos

Photography – In Love In Italy Photography | Cafe – Splendor Parthenopes | Her Dress – Imperial | Her Shoes – Cinti | His Suit – Zara | His Shoes – Bata