The Paper Vow

We’re so excited to introduce you to one of our favorite EAD vendors, The Paper Vow! An independent design studio based in Cleveland, OH, The Paper Vow is your go-to source for fabulous custom invitations! We love how Christy, the founder of The Paper Vow, works with couples to design custom creations tailor-made for their weddings. From whimsical to modern, bold to vintage, each piece reflects the personal style of the couple and their wedding. No two stories are the same, so why wouldn’t your invitations be just as unique?

Paper Vow

Visit The Paper Vow‘s website to explore all of the goodies. In addition to custom wedding invitations, Christy creates everything from baby shower invitations to vintage bridal garters. And we can’t even believe the awesome 3D printed invitations they are soon to offer! Follow The Paper Vow on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to see the full collection.

*This post was sponsored by The Paper Vow.