Woodsy Wedding at Berry College

Nestled in the middle of the Georgia woods, Berry College is a woodland wedding dreamland, and the moment that Brianna and Cody set eyes upon the locale, they knew it was perfect for their simple but classic wedding. The couple, who met in college in Chicago, wanted the wedding details to be intention and tell their story. The music selections were all reminiscent of moments throughout their relationship, from the soundtrack to “500 days of Summer” to music from the band they fell in love listening to, Fleet Foxes. Stylistically, Brianna wanted the wedding to reflect her love for greenery and gardening, and selected a palette of greens, cream, taupe, blush, and gold. Her bridesmaids donned blush frocks of their choosing, while Brianna selected a Rebecca Schoneveld gown with a lace bodice, paired with a classic sheer veil. We’re completely smitten with the beautiful Berry College backdrop, the vintage Ford, and this absolutely charming couple beautifully captured by Rustic White Photography!

Blush Bridesmaids DressesBride with Curly Updo

Berry College Wedding White Ivory 9

Bride in Rebecca SchoneveldBouquet with Overflowing Greenery

Overflowing White and Greenery Bouquet

Bridesmaids in BlushGroom in Hipster Glasses

Vintage Ford Wedding CarBerry College Wedding White Ivory 7

Berry College Georgia WeddingBerry College Wedding White Ivory 4

Berry College Wedding White Ivory 2Berry College Wedding White Ivory 12

Berry College Wedding White Ivory 5Flower Girls with Floral Crowns

Vintage Wedding CarBerry College Wedding White Ivory 6

Blush and Greenery Wedding

Blush Napkin on Textured LinensBerry College Wedding White Ivory 14

Berry College Wedding White Ivory 13Wedding Cake with Buttercream Icing

Berry College Wedding White Ivory 15

What is your proposal story?
Bri’s favorite spot in the city is where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan. Though a series of schemes (and quite frankly, lies), Cody had convinced her that they were going to get engaged in the fall. So when Cody asked Bri to help set up a romantic surprise picnic for a friend (in April), she suspected nothing. Though Bri was slightly peeved that Cody sold out her favorite spot to their friend, she complied and helped Cody light candles, scatter rose petals, and place and a carved box on the picnic blanket that was supposedly filled with love notes from their friend to his crush. When they were about to leave, Cody happened to stumble upon a handmade book that told a love story was remarkably similar to theirs. It was then that Bri knew something was up, and that this picnic she just helped set up was for them. Soon, Cody would drop to one knee and open the carved box which did not hold love notes from a friend, but instead, a ring.

What were your favorite parts of the day?
One of our favorite memories from the day revolved around the live music in the ceremony. We hired a three-piece stringed instrument trio. It was a splurge but SO worth it. The music was beautiful and made everyone cry. I will always remember sitting outside the chapel listening to the music waiting to go inside, and then walking down the aisle to the violins and cellos echoing throughout the chapel. Another thing I will never forget is the 5 minutes before the ceremony began. One of my bridesmaids had suddenly exclaimed, “weren’t you going to wear a veil?!” Just like that, my dad was speeding 65 miles an hour down a dirt road, down to the cabin where they were staying. We may have started the ceremony a few minutes late, but nobody knew the absolute madness that had just occurred.

Did you include any family heirlooms or special traditions?
At the reception, we had photographs of both sides of our parents and grandparents getting married. Also, my mom made the most beautiful hanger for my wedding dress out of scraps from the dress she wore when she got married. When I was a child, my grandmother made handmade me a dress to wear for a cousins wedding. That was the very dress one of my flower girls wore for my wedding.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?
There are parts of your day that only you will remember. Make decisions based on what’s sentimental to you versus what makes sense or what is expected.

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