Red White and Blue Summer Wedding

We’re celebrating America this week with a stunning red, white, and blue Texas wedding from the fantastic Lucille Photo! Matt and Rebecka are high school sweethearts, married over Memorial Day weekend at the gorgeous white barn at Blissful Hill, just west of Austin. Their goal was a laid-back yet classic wedding, and they set out to capture a holiday at the lake with a subtly-patriotic palette of dusty blue, bright red, and ivory with overflowing greenery. The waterfront ceremony was a nod to Rebecka’s parents, who live on a river, and the reception was not only incredibly beautiful, with industrial tables and delicate florals, but an epic party where the DJ kept the dance floor going all night. We’re head over heels for each sweet moment and every detail, right down to the fabulous vintage car, and the big dose of Americana!

Cornflower Blue Wedding Invitations
Bride with Red Bouquet
Bridesmaids in Blue Chiffon
Red White and Blue Bride Bouquet
Cornflower Blue Bridesmaids Dresses
Wedding Arbor with Greenery
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 4
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 5
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 6
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 8
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 9
Blissful Hill Wedding Lucille Photo 10
Industrial Wedding Tables
Rustic Sweetheart Table at Wedding
Red White and Blue Wedding
Wood Tables with Lace Runner
Four Tier White Wedding Cake
Wooden Wedding Tables and Chairs
Rustic Long Wood Wedding Tables

In their own words

What is your proposal story?
In December 2016, Matthew, his family, my family, and I went to College Station. I’m a bit obsessive about Christmas and had been dying to go to Santa’s Wonderland. Matt came up with the idea to go with our families. We all waited in a super long line to get in on what seemed to be the coldest night Texas has ever seen. Upon arrival, Matt wanted to take a picture right away in front of the Texas flag. I said it was silly; but Matt persisted. Matt’s parents went ahead of us in line to take a picture themselves. Next Matt and I took the stage. They took a picture of us then Matt started to get on one knee. I started trembling as Matt dug in his pocket. Matt opened up a tiny black box and revealed a beautiful ring he designed for me from all of my not-so sneaky Pinterest hints. I said “YES!” before Matt even asked the big question or got a word in. I grabbed his elbows and demanded that he “stand up and kiss me already!” People in the crowd were cheering as we shared a big hug and kiss as he slipped my ring on. Both shaking, we walked off the stage to find our parents crying. It was perfect! Matt got everything right, the ring, the family, pictures, and even incorporated Christmas!

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?
The most important thing for us while planning was to remember, it’s one day. It’s the best day. It has to be the most fun and beautiful day we could possibly imagine, but not to spend excessively to make it happen. We wanted to splurge on the venue and photographer. Having a comfortable and accommodating venue was by far one of the best choices we made. Also, choosing a photographer we could trust and really adored their work was totally worth the investment to us. After the day has come and gone, we’d just be left with the pictures and memories. We opted to skip favors, because it seems that they usually get left behind anyway.

Did you include any family heirlooms or special traditions?
My pearl studs and necklace were a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother on their wedding day, over 50 years ago! My grandmother wrote the sweetest note saying she hoped I felt as loved as she did when I wear them on my wedding day! My bouquet had a locket with my grand father’s photo in it. He past away a few years ago and my aunt surprised me with the sweet locket to incorporate him with. I wrapped my great-grandmother’s handkerchief around my bouquet as my something blue.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?
My advice for anyone currently planning their wedding is to focus more on the experience. If you focus on the feelings you want to create, the rest will follow suit. The decorations, the vendors, menu selections, etc. can all be picked by following an experience based theme.

Event Credits

PhotographyLucille Photo
Bridesmaids DressesAzazie
Bride’s ShoesKeds
Wedding DressDavid Tutera
Groom’s AttireMen’s Wearhouse