Romantic Texas Ranch Wedding

Kelsea and Joseph pictured “greenery and lights and dancing under the stars” for their wedding day, and their love of the outdoors led them to Fort Worth’s Heart of the Ranch. Nestled along the Trinity River and with a canopy of trees, it was the perfect setting for their romantic soiree. They were married under stunning floral arch from R Love Floral, and their tented reception featured cascading florals on the head table, a donut wall, and the most perfect greenery chandelier above the dance floor! There was even a beer wall where custom monogrammed cups set as favors. A subtle golf theme (Joseph is a golf lover!) played throughout, with a golf bag groom’s cake, flag escort cards, and even lawn games including a golf-themed cornhole game. Every moment is so joyful and wonderfully captured on film by Alba Rose Photography!

In their own words

How did you meet?
Joe and I met in October of 2015 because of a lot of behind the scenes work by our friends and family. We had several people telling each of us that they had found the perfect person for us. Joe and I were one of those blind date stories you never think is going to work and then it does. My brother was ultimately the person who introduced us to each other when he dragged both of us out to a local bar without telling either of us the other would be there. Love at first sight exists. We both instantly knew that we had found something special. Two days later I was his girlfriend, a year later his fiancé, and a year after that, we were husband and wife.

What is your proposal story?
Joe proposed on September 24, 2016. He planned this sweet date night that started with a romantic dinner at Reata. Then we went to a rough top bar and just sat and talked about our life together and the future we wanted. When we go home he lit candles and played music. We danced around the living room with our dog Jet. Then he just got down on one knee and said he wanted every day to be like this and proposed!

What were your favorite parts of the day?
One of my favorite things from the day was the leaves falling from the trees during the ceremony. There was just this beautiful romantic vibe that it created while the musicians sang that I will never forget. Another one of my favorite stories is when I first saw Joe as my dad was walking down the aisle. He waved to me. It was the sweetest most Joe like thing ever, and I loved it. Most grooms cry, mine waved because he was just so excited to see me. We danced ALL night. Ed Petty at LeForce was killing it with the tunes. We were the two sweatiest people in the world but also the happiest. My first look with my dad will forever be one of my favorite moments. There is just something about your dad seeing you in the big white dress that is just the sweetest moment. Also, right before he walked me down the aisle he was so nervous and messing with his bow tie and asking how he looked and I said you look great, how do I look? He looked at me for a few seconds and just with the biggest smile said stunning. We had a donut wall for our late night treat! I was so excited I just ran right over to it and started eating donuts!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?
My best advice is to really pick the two or three things that are most important to you and focus on spending your money in those areas and saving money on the things that aren’t as important to you. This was the best way we found to stick to our budget and allow minimal stress in the planning process. It truly is a magical process and don’t forget that at the end of the day you’ll be married and that is all that really matters!

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