Modern + Chic Military Wedding

Brynn and Justin chose the spectacular views of downtown Orlando’s Dr Phillips Center to play host to their chic and classic Florida wedding! Their vision of an open, airy wedding was brought to life in the majestic floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city! Justin (whom according to Brynn is the fashionista in the relationship!) donned his Navy uniform for the ceremony, then changed into a sleek royal blue suit for the reception. A wedding party in pink Sorella Vita dresses accented the blue perfectly. Tickled Pink Brides worked with the couple to make sure their wedding day ran flawlessly, and Peddles created tall but simple centerpieces to fill up the room with its high ceilings. These two are so in love and every moment (including the adorable family time with their pups Lyric and Hudson) was beautifully captured by Kristen Weaver Photography!

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In their own words

What is your proposal story?
We find ourselves traveling often, it’s our favorite thing to do. If possible we even try to bring along our favorite four-legged friends, Lyric and Hudson. Since we love to travel, there should be no surprise that we got engaged while on a trip. NYC is our favorite spot to get away to for an extended weekend. We’ve added restaurants, bars, neighborhoods, and special spots to our “to do” list while in the big apple. Fast forward to our 3rd trip to NYC together, our engagement. Surprises aren’t easy when it comes to Brynn, so Justin really had to work hard to pull this one off. Our favorite restaurant is in the Chelsea neighborhood, called Jeffrey’s Grocery, and the plan was to walk around that neighborhood before dinner of Saturday night as we always just eat and head back to more popular/known areas. Justin had planned for weeks and discovered a church with a beautiful rose garden, that’s where he’d propose. Well to no surprise, Brynn had other plans. Upon getting out of the Uber, Justin saw the church a few blocks down and said “let’s go down here.” Brynn’s response? “There’s nothing down there, lets go straight!” Well guess there’s going to be a change in plans! We ended up walking down to the pier on the Hudson that was directly ahead of us. The sun was setting and the weather was beautiful. After Brynn’s busy body manner kicked in, Justin figured his window was closing. At that moment, on Pier 45 on the Hudson River, Justin got down on one knee. The rest is history! Oh and that garden? We walked by it on our way to dinner and it was closed! Timing is everything and sometimes deviation from the plan is just right :)

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?
We wanted a fun party with all of our friends. A fancy cake wasn’t important, just something delicious, which I think we accomplished. We kept the flowers very simple but elegant and splurged on that chandelier! We wanted it nice, but thought the money was better spent on extra guests vs. over the top additions.

What were your favorite parts of the day?
The reception was out of this world. Who Rescued Who lead a great party with a dance floor that was never empty. We had to be told 3 times by our wedding planner to go cut the cake (and get off the dance floor).

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?
Do not sweat the small stuff, REALLY. If you have the people you love most around you, then that’s all that matters. People still tell us how much fun our wedding was, not how pretty the flowers were or good the food was (even though they were both great!).