Gorgeous + Eco-Friendly Diamonds from Clean Origin

The diamond has become the worldwide symbol of love. The glimmering gems encapsulate a lifetime commitment and each stone is as unique as the love that a couple shares. Yet as we all become more conscious of how we consume and demand increasing transparency from the companies we support, the question arises: do you know where your engagement ring really comes from? Enter Clean Origin. Clean Origin’s beautiful collection of lab-created diamonds makes your quest to find the perfect, socially-responsible ring easy! I was so honored to design the lookbook for the Clean Origin jewelry line (so much more on this to come soon!), and let me tell you — these sparklers are every bit as spectacular as any mined diamond, with the added peace of mind of knowing that the ring is 100% ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Lab Grown Diamond

Explaining Lab-Grown
Before you say to yourself “Seriously? A diamond grown in a lab?”, let’s break it down a bit and I’ll tell you more about these stunning man-made diamonds. There’s only one difference between a lab-created diamond and those mined from the earth: their origin. As technology has progressed, scientists have figured out a way to replicate the natural diamond growing process. I spent a day up close and personal with these pretties, and I can absolutely say there’s no difference between a mined diamond and a Clean Origin diamond.

Lab Created Diamond Rings

Why lab-created vs mined?

The founder of Clean Origin created the company so that couples could have peace of mind knowing that their diamonds are ethically sourced, taking considerably less energy to create and causing zero destruction to our earth, while creating a diamond with exactly the same physical properties as mined diamonds. Because lab-created and mined diamonds have exactly the same properties, lab-created diamonds are graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds, with the same independent diamond certification labs!

Need another reason to fall in love? By streamlining the creation of these diamonds, Clean Origin is able to price their diamonds 20-30% less expensive than those that are mined. So ultimately, you’re receiving the same ring, at a lower pricing, with none of the guilt! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Why Clean Origin?

I can tell you first-hand that the Clean Origin rings, bracelets, and earrings are absolutely gorgeous! I was pretty much obsessed with the halo, which is a glimmering solitaire surrounded by petite pave diamonds, in a diamond-encrusted band. It’s such a unique style, and there’s an entire halo collection to drool over, in all shapes and designs. The delicate eternity bands won my heart and perfectly matched with the petite floating gem ring. And last but not least, another favorite of everyone on set was the tapered solitaire ring in rose gold. Maybe we’re just suckers for rose gold, but there was something about the way this ring shined that had us head over heels!

Man Made Diamond

Something for everyone!

Using the Clean Origin create-your-own ring builder, you can choose your ring style, metal (rose gold, white gold, or platinum), and diamond shape, and then use their handy sliders to select carat, cut, color, and clarity of diamond. Over 100 ring styles are available, and there’s a 100-day money back guarantee for all products so you can buy with confidence.

Clean Origin is passionate about customer service, so if you need help choosing the right diamond for you, their stellar team is always available to help. Clean Origin was founded by a third-generation jeweler who takes pride in sharing that knowledge with you. Everyone on their customer service team has at least 5 years of experience, so they can help customers find the perfect ring. This expertise gives truly exceptional service and the promise of the absolute best value, regardless of budget. I always do my research before working with any companies, and the customer reviews for Clean Origin consistently remark on how insanely personal and helpful their team is!

Man Made Engagement Ring

I can’t wait to share more from the entire lookbook so keep an eye out soon! And if you want a sneak peek, head on over to the Clean Origin Instagram.

*This post was a paid partnership with Clean Origin. All opinions are my own based upon in-person experience, and all gushing is wholeheartedly deserved!