Romantic Dallas Mansion Wedding

On the day of Katie and Alan’s wedding, Dallas decided to unleash a massive storm, so the couple and their wedding planner, Sarah of Keestone Events, moved their planned outdoor ceremony inside the gorgeous ballroom of Arlington Hall. And while we wouldn’t call a monsoon on your wedding day ideal, we have to say that the stunning indoor celebration may just have been a blessing in disguise! The golden ballroom made a beautiful ceremony and reception setting, and the elegant floral arch by Moss Floral Design did double duty as ceremony altar and a lovely backdrop for the reception! For the reception, white and gold centerpieces enhanced the golden beauty of the ballroom, while a pop of purple echoed the bridesmaids flowing dresses. The result is timeless perfection, beautifully captured by Dyan Kethley Photography!

Skyline Wedding Invitations
Bride in Watters
Compote Bridal Bouquet
Royal Blue Bridesmaids Dresses 1
Romantic Wedding Ceremony with Greenery
Elegant Flowers for Wedding Aisle
Dallas Wedding Keestone Events
Purple Bridesmaids Dresses
Elegant Ballroom Wedding Reception
Box Centerpiece with Garden Roses
Elegant Mansion Wedding Reception
Garden Style Wedding Centerpiece
Wedding Decor on Mantle
White Wedding Flowers
Modern Wedding Cake on White Stand
Mansion Wedding Reception Table
Mansion Wedding Reception

In their own words

How did you meet?
At work in Denver – he was a manager on the bank side covering Colorado & Minnesota traveling back and forth every week, and my wealth management team’s office was attached to the bank. He was friends with a guy on my team so I got our mutual friend drunk one night after work and got Alan’s number and texted him! We would occasionally see each other in the office when he was in town, started talking outside of work and hung out a couple times after work with other friends. A few months later he invited me to a concert at Red Rocks, which was our first date and we’ve been together ever since.

What is your proposal story?
Alan asked my parents’ permission at Christmas when we were visiting them, but told them he wasn’t proposing for a few months so my poor mother had to keep it a secret! She managed, though. Then he picked a random Thursday in March and went to the pet store, got our dog Doris a new collar and a red heart shaped tag and engraved it with “Will You Marry Me”. He made a reservation at Del Frisco’s put on a suit, and waited for me to get home from work – I usually get home around 4pm. However our team was in the midst of bringing a HUGE client in and I had to work late that day with two teammates, setting up over 100 accounts. It got close to dinner time and he texted me to see when I’d be home and I said I wasn’t sure, we might be pretty late. After a while he texted Paige who was working with me to tell her what he was trying to do and see if she could get me out of there. She somehow got me to leave and I got home around 9, where he had been nervously waiting for hours and pushed back the dinner reservation a few times. Doris ran up to me with her bright new collar and he told me to check the new tag, and when I finished reading it he was standing there with the ring. I of course said yes right away and Doris was very confused but proud of herself because we were happy. We went to Del Frisco’s even though it was super late and I had to be back at work early, and had a wonderful dinner! It was pretty late on the east coast by then where my family lives but we called them anyway and they were all thrilled.

What were your favorite parts of the day?
Having everyone I like out on the dance floor together was a lot of fun. And my immediate family always dances to one particular song at our weddings so it’s been fun to do that at each successive wedding as the nuclear family has grown.