Soft Wintry Forest Bridal Inspiration

Mount Lassen Volcanic Park was the craggy backdrop for this Grace Aston Photography bridal inspiration, and it is nothing short of beautiful. The gray cliffs, snow-covered forest floor, and sky-high evergreens offered the best dramatic location. Photographer Grace mused that she wanted to focus on the bride and her loveliness, so there was “no elaborate makeup or hair style, just the beauty of nature” radiating through, and it allowed for the bride to stand out in each extraordinary shot. For florals, they played upon the fecund greenery of the state park. Margie from Dulce Blomma used antique plum double ruffle carnations, late season hydrangeas, white anemones, white Veronica, chocolate lace, and purple berry Astrantia. The greens used were blue eucalyptus, tree fern, and privet. This bridal editorial is a total win in our book.

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