Museum Garden Party Wedding

It’s no small feat to transform the indoors into the outdoors, but when Whitney and Steven wanted their museum wedding to have a natural garden vibe, Ann Travis Events helped them do just that. Together, they created an environment that was relaxed and fun with a reception layout encouraging guests to mingle, sample foods brought in from all over the city, and even tour the museum on their own, all under the most lush and beautiful garlands of greenery woven into twinkling cafe lights. Studio Terrain not only worked their magic at the reception, but also in the stunning garden-inspired bouquets filled with dahlias, zinnias, roses, and Queen Anne’s lace, all in the softest shades of pink, peach, and ivory. You will absolutely want to see all of the photos from this inspiration of a wedding by J&N Studios, so be sure to check out the full gallery below!

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In their own words

How did you meet?

We met on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel in 2016. I was finishing my residency at University of Michigan and Steven had just begun his career as a mechanical engineer in downtown Detroit.

What is your proposal story?

When Steven and I first began dating I learned that he knew how to make really good bagels. A few weeks into dating I mentioned to my roommate “If he ever makes me pretzel bagels, I’ll marry him!” Somehow this comment made its way back to Steven and on the morning we got engaged, I woke to homemade pretzel bagels with a video message from my future matron of honor telling me to get ready for the day. I was then whisked away by my sister-in-law for a mani/pedi at my favorite salon. From there I was driven all over town to the locations of our first date, first kiss, and first time we held hands. At each stop, I was greeted by different friends from several stages of our lives all presenting me with a clue leading me to the next. The last stop (so I thought) was Steven’s house where he proposed with our puppy in a room filled with photos of us and both our grandmas’ favorite flowers. When we first started dating, we were drawn together by how close we were to our grandmothers as they had both recently passed when we met, so remembering them in that moment was extra special. The day wasn’t over yet, Steven surprised with me again as our family and friends gathered for fireworks and an engagement party at Greenfield Village – a fitting location, as we would have our reception there the following year.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

We had a very traditional Lutheran church service which included some of our favorite readings, hymns and serving communion to our family and friends. Seeing each other in the aisle for the first time and partaking in this service together was a favorite moment for us both. Walking into the reception together, alone, and before any of our guests was both of our favorite reception moment as well. We got to see our vision come to life and all of our hard work pay off. We walked into a museum yet felt like we were still outdoors. It was amazing and busy with staff, yet seemed completely quiet as we got to spend a few moments alone sharing our own personal charcuterie board and champagne before we greeted our guests and the reception started. Having our one-year-old corgi, Scoops, as a groomsman was top of our list. Another huge reception favorite was our custom neon sign, which is an awesome reminder of our wedding day as it hangs in our home.

What did you do for favors?

We loved having a strolling dinner, so guests could sample specialties from Mexican Village, Greektown, Hitsville, Hamtramck and Corktown. Continuing with the food theme, we were obsessed with our donut wall and loved having personalized “his” and “hers” Bon Bon Bons for our guest to take home.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Stick true to yourselves and your vision! People thought we were absolutely crazy when we said we want a museum to look like a garden, we aren’t having assigned seats – in fact, we aren’t even having enough seats for as many guests as we’ve invited, some people are going to sit on couches and others might stand, there’s going to be dancing during dinner and dinner during dancing, and really there isn’t even going to be a “dinner”. Looking back, the reception was exactly as we pictured it. Some people walked the museum, others danced, some sat and listed to music, but everyone socialized, everyone ate, and most of all everyone told us how much they enjoyed themselves which is what we wanted most.