Glamorously Elegant Holiday Wedding in Boston

Adria and Mike love the elegance and warmth of the holidays so when they decided to get married between Christmas and New Year’s, they chose to take inspiration for their wedding from this time of year as well! They began with a color palette of gunmetal, champagne, and rose gold and then added in bold pops of deep red in the florals by The Wild Dahlia. Adria is a self-proclaimed “history nerd” who loves the 1920’s so you’ll see a hint of art deco in their stationery and the truly amazing bridesmaids’ dresses as well. Glamorous and chic yet warm and fun, their wedding style is absolute perfection for any time of the year! Be sure to see more photos by Stephanie Vegliante Photography in the gallery below!

Winter Wedding Bouquet
Bride Getting Ready Photo 1
Glamorous Indigo Beaded Bridesmaids Gowns
Glamorous Winter White Wedding Bridal Look
Classic Elegant White Wedding Bouquet
Elegant Classic Groomsmen Tuxes
Traditional Catholic Church Wedding
Elegant Christmas Wedding Ceremony
Elegant Winter Wedding Ceremony
Adria and Mike Stephanie Vegliante 62
Rich and Elegant Winter Wedding Tablescape
Rich Black Wedding Table Place Setting
Rose Gold Acryllic table Number
Tall Elegant Burgundy and Blush Wedding Centerpiece
Luxe Chic Winter Wedding in Boston

In their own words

How did you meet?

Michael and Adria met at Canobie Lake Park, a local amusement park. Both of them were working, and they started talking. According to Suzanne, Adria’s mom, Michael was being flirty. Adria had a hard time believing that Michael was actually flirting with her. Well, clearly, mom knows best. One night soon after, Michael was working at a local restaurant, Margaritas, in Salem and Adria and friends went to Margarita’s for an after-work drink. Adria and Michael talked for most of the night. Later that night, Adria sent Michael a facebook message with her phone number in it. Little did she realize she sent Michael that WRONG phone number. (She blames it on working 14 hours, those mojitos, and fat thumbs!) She soon recovered from sending him the wrong number by saying “what did you forget to hit send!?” The rest is history! Also, on our second date, Michael predicted that we would someday get married at St. Leonards.

What is your proposal story?

On December 22, 2018 the Farr’s were holding a family yankee swap. Adria went and purchased gifts for Adria and Michael to give during the yankee swap. While they were getting ready for the party, Michael said he had to wrap a gift in case his parents came to the party. Adria really didn’t think anything of it, and went on watching her Christmas Hallmark movie.  (By the way, it’s one where the girl says no to the proposal and this totally freaked Mike out).

Fast forward, everyone is sitting around exchanging gifts during the yankee swap. Michael gets number 1 (totally rigged), and gets a pair of patriot socks. Everyone else is picking gifts and exchanging gifts. Adria got a set of Vermont lotion. At the end of the Yankee Swap, Michael could pick anyone to swap gifts with so naturally, he chose Adria’s lotion. Instead of swapping his patriots socks, he swapped it with the “gift he wrapped in case his parents showed up”. Adria was completely thrown off, and she thought it might be some kind of trip! Soon after she got through all the wrapping paper and box, Michael was down on one knee (the bad one obviously), and asked her to marry him. (Adria is pretty sure she said yes before he could even ask the question!)

What were your favorite parts of the day?

First and foremost, marrying my best friend. Second, celebrating with family and friends. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we were done getting pictures taken, we were able to go into the ballroom before everyone else and just have a moment to ourselves. It was a great time to soak in the fact that we just got married. We also got to enjoy the empty ballroom and see all the details come together. This was Renee’s idea and it was awesome.

Did you include any family heirlooms or special traditions?

First, I wore my great-grandmother’s earrings and her pin on my jacket. I also attached a small picture of my grandmother who passed away in 2017 on my bouquet. I also attached a blue sapphire ring gifted to me by my other grandmother’s best friend to my bouquet. We got married in the same church that Michael’s parents and godparents were married in, he was baptized in, and that held his grandfather’s funeral.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Enjoy the process. It goes by way too fast. Know your vision. Know what means the most to you. It is about you and your future spouse and never lose sight of that.