Texas Elegance with European Influences Bridal Portraits

On her special day, every bride wants to radiate elegance and grace in their bridal portraits. But there’s something extra magical about Texas elegance with a hint of European influence. The combination of delicate lace, beautiful flowers, and just the right amount of sparkle can make any bride feel like royalty. Every detail from the stunning dress to the perfect veil adds to the romantic beauty of the bride. These bridal portraits capture that ethereal elegance that is the perfect representation of a bride who is getting married and preparing to embark on a new journey with a touch of european flair.

How did you meet?

We both went to the University of Houston Law School – he had seen me around and messaged me on facebook one day asking my about dogs. That was the quickest way to get me talking, he asked me out for a drink and we met at a bar to watch Game.7 of the Astros World Series and the rest was history. 

What is your proposal story?

I left for basic training and officer basic in the summer of 2021. After basic I went to Virginia for my officer course and he coordinated with my fellow soldiers to surprise me. He flew up, and told me he booked a private dinner – in reality he had booked a photographer on top of a mountain. He drove me up there – there was a blanket and wine laid out and I thought were having dinner. He proposed instead and we took beautiful mountain top photos. 

Tell us about your attire choices.

I wanted a classic elegant gown and he wanted what he called a ‘James bond tux’. He had his custom made and it had our initials on the inside. My dress was probably the third dress I tried on at the first appointment, and i knew immediately it was the one because I just felt so beautiful. 

What were your favorite parts of the day?

My favorite part of the day was our vows – we’re both gushy and romantic. We cried a lot and I felt so lucky to get to marry him. 

Did any of your wedding pros deliver a standout experience? Let us know the details!

Our photographer was great! She captured so many good photos and was with us from engagement to wedding day. 

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