Rachael Schirano Photography

Romantic, elegant and full of genuine moments…timeless photography for people in love.

Rachael is a wedding photographer based in Central Illinois, but she often finds herself photographing weddings in Chicago and across the Midwest more often than not. Even after almost ten years of being a photographer, she still finds herself wiping a tear from her cheek when her clients see each other for the first time on their wedding day, when a bride dances with her father or a groom is toasted with the beautiful words from a lifelong friend. Her work, in it’s soul, is about more than photography. It is about looking past the surface and finding those nearly invisible threads that weave you together. It is about discovering all of those perfectly unscripted moments that pass by in an instant. It is about celebrating individuality and how it can add to the story of togetherness. It is about you, your love, your story, your life. Send her a note for details and to talk about having her photograph your celebrations – she’d love to hear your love story chat about your wedding.