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  • My name is Stefano Santucci. I was born in 1983 in Cremona, a small town in the north of Italy and the birthplace of Stradivarius.
    In 2003, I moved to Florence, in the center of the Tuscan hills, and birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.
    I am a visual storytelling photographer, specializing in wedding photography. I believe every shot needs to tell a piece of the story.
    I am inspired by love stories, and the elegance and mystery of forgotten objects. I believe in the blend of curiosity, creativity and nostalgia. I adore style and elegance.
    My studio is small by design. I own a small print lab that I am very proud of, and I personally oversee every piece of work the Studio sends out into the world.
    Back in my parents’ house in Cremona, there is a dusty psychology degree…

    Wedding Destination Photographer based in Florence serving all Europe

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