Program ideas

At six weeks to go until our wedding, we are starting to really think about and plan all the little details like hotel and map enclosures for our invitations, small ceremony details, escort cards, and programs.  I would like to have some sort of program for the ceremony, but I  a) don’t want it to cost a lot and  b) don’t want it to be too complicated.  An idea that I had was to find an interesting printed paper, and use that for the programs and accent on the escort cards.  Originally, I had wanted something that incorporated both the navy blue (even if it was just touches of it) and the terracotta/orange color, but that wasn’t too Asian influenced.  This was much harder than I expected, so if any of you have great sources for paper with printed designs, feel free to share!!  But, while browsing at my local JoAnn fabrics store, I came across this paper which I thought was really pretty, incorporated the creams and golds we are using, and had a nice saying about the memories we make and keep throughout our lives.

One of the ideas I had for programs was to roll up the paper and tie it with a ribbon, like this:

This would be easy and simple to do.  But, after seeing A.’s beautiful programs, I was inspired to maybe take the paper and attach it to a piece of cardstock and do something similar.

I could use the paper and some ribbon on the outside, while inside I could print all the information.  I don’t know that I’ll be as crafty as E. was when making them, I don’t think I’ll do a pocket and inserts.  But I did really like the insert with the information about the group photo as we are planning on having one taken at our wedding, too.  I could easily incorporate that on our programs towards the bottom.

Is anyone else out there DIY-ing their programs?  What ideas do you have to share?

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, my invites did indeed get lost last week.  As upsetting as that was, E. and I switched into Plan B mode!  I bought more cardstock and overnighted it to her on Friday, and she was sweet enough to work on the weekend remaking them for me!!  Thanks so much Elizabeth!  After reshipping them to me Tuesday, I was very excited to receive them today!  They are beautiful, although I won’t have them hanging around for long.  This weekend will be an organized effort to assemble them in the envelopes, address them, and then put them in the mail on Monday.  But I wanted to share a couple more pictures of them first:

The gold ink is really really pretty in person – very shimmery!  The pictures from my (poor) camera really do not do them justice.

I hope you all have a great weekend!