Saving my Save-the-Dates

Last week, we bustled around to get our STD envelopes ready in anticipation of their shipment from E and A, who’ve been lovingly crafting them for about a month now. The actual STD’s were to arrive on Monday, according to fedex…. but we wanted to be ready for them, so we could just stuff, and send!

Behold, our Save The Date envelope – complete with the badass wraparound label that E and A created for us, and the gloriously adorable “love: all heart” stamps.

What do you think?

Isn’t the label divine?!? Way to go Ami & Bekah!

Monday came, and the tracking had still not been updated since 5 days previous. I called, and long story short, Fedex confirmed that they have lost the package containing my Save-the-Dates. It was supposed to board a truck in Champaign, IL and somehow, it never made it.

Sound familiar? Poor Rachel went through the same drama with her invitations last week too! Its too eerie to be true, only it is. Go figure.

It was a crushing blow. We’ve been working on the design for months. They are so unique, and were completely handmade and labor intensive… even the paper was dyed by hand. Poor Rebekah and Ami poured so much hard work into them, and now they’re just floating around out there…. who knows where. But I’m not ready for a funeral yet. I have hope that weeks from now, a package will mysteriously appear at my door, and we’ll find another use for the beauties. I want to share the photos E and A sent while crafting them, and I will… I need a little more time in the denial den first.

Its my first major hiccup in what has been an otherwise smooth and fortunate planning process. But that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve been so excited to send these out – to make everything “official”. Plus, with half our guests being out-of-towners and our wedding being on a holiday weekend, its important to get the word spread so people can make their arrangements.

We’ve already commenced plan B, and it’s actually a really awesome alternative that involves some of the best aspects of the original design. And when they ship it to me, it will be via UPS, yo!

So, be extra kind to our dear hosts here for a while. They’ve been kicked while they were down, and are super resilient and inspiring in their reaction. I’m such a fan, and so proud to call them friends.

Now, back to the envelopes, which are still gorgeous and will still be used!

We used Paper & More‘s Jupiter Red A7 envelopes, which are pearlescent. They have just the right amount of shimmer, without being “glittery”. They feel nice to the touch (don’t snicker, I’m a tactile gal), and are a really nice stock weight. I highly recommend Paper & More. My postal carrier screwed up the delivery. I called the company to verify my address was correct on the order, and they sent out a fresh delivery immediately, and upgraded my shipping to priority, just because they’re that nice.

Now, seriously, I never thought I’d care what stamps we used. To me, it always sounded like the mark of a compulsive bride. Didn’t think I was that bride. But after we saw how gorgeous those labels came out, and how pretty the envelopes looked, it would feel disrespectful to use the correct postage for this letter weight:

(no offense, Trudeau)

Yes, I have now fully embraced my compulsion… ain’t no shame in my game :)