Oh Oh Oh, Its Magic…

This is it! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The grand reveal of our Save the Dates!

Before I show you, Hunter and I want to say thank you to all you amazing readers who showered us with your goodness regarding the STD drama we’ve been going through. Your support, thoughts, prayers, juju, and well-wishes have meant the world to us… and we can’t help but believe that all that positive energy helped in the rescue of our Save the Dates from the fedex graveyard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are the best!

Without further ado…. It is with great pleasure that I share with you our official Save the Date Magic Wallets, as lovingly designed and executed by the inimitable geniuses here at Elizabeth Anne Designs.

The front:

We commissioned a drawing of us in wedding attire, floating on a magic carpet through space. Thanks to etsy alchemy, we got in touch with sarahNwonderland, who patiently worked through countless revisions to get this just right. Note super-Paco flying nearby, and the inspiration we borrowed from the artwork that inspired our Magic Carpet Ride theme. We adore the way it turned out! Not only is it great for our save the date design, but we plan to print it onto canvas and hang it in our home as a keepsake! People – this drawing cost $10 originally. After it was done, we offered her a higher rate due to the time that went into refining it exactly to our taste. She was amazingly talented. And she made my bewbs look big – score!

The drawing is mounted on recycled paper that was tenderly hand-dyed by Ami. She found a tutorial on tie-dying paper using shaving cream and food coloring. We couldn’t believe how creative this approach was, how affordable, and how beautifully it came out! Here’s a link to the tutorial.

The inside:

The girls mounted the paper onto chipboard to create a sturdy base for the magic wallet and used elastic for the straps. Way back in July we’d all been agonizing over finding a really unique and fun STD design to set up the mood of our event. Then, one morning, Bekah woke up with the brilliant idea for the Magic Wallet and found the cutest tutorial ever made to help understand the mechanics of how they’re made. We were so excited, we couldn’t wait to see how they’d turn out!

The insert:

Rebekah suggested drawing on the idea of a word cloud for the insert. We brainstormed words that we feel sum up the day for us, and Hunter suggested that “Join us on the ride of our lives” was a great way to hint at the theme again. We love the way it turned out, and the lotus-y image in the background is just divine! (You may recognize it from our envelope labels!)

The magnet:

I did some editing to the Magic Carpet drawing, to add our names, the date, and our wedding website address and sent it over to Vista Print during one of their rock-bottom pricing magnet deals. We planned to do these with a Xyron, but time became an issue, and the cost came out the same anyway. Anyone considering magnets should sign up for email updates from Vista Print – that’s the best way to know when they’re running extreme specials, which happens pretty frequently.

Now, Hunter and his afro will show everyone just how this Magic Wallet thingy works!

Put something inside….. close the wallet…..

Open the wallet….. How’d they get over there??!?

Its magic, yo!

We really can’t express enough how impressed we are by working with Elizabeth Anne Designs. Their imagination, dedication, creativity and support have blown us away time and time again. I’m so proud to have them on our team… and if you like this, just wait ’till you see what they’re working on for our invitations!