First comes love, then comes what?

Boy meets girl.  Boy dates girl.  Boy loves girl.  Boy buys ring.  Boy proposes to girl with the ring.  Boy and girl plan the wedding.

…and so the story goes.

As I mentioned last week, my fiance came to Chicago last weekend to check out and book a wedding venue together.  We have identified our #1, #2, and #3 venues and are working on the guest list to see if we can squeeze into #1.  So our choice will have to wait until next week.  Our decision is almost made and we are moving on to other important decisions, in our case, picking out an engagement ring.

I ALWAYS thought my engagement story would read like the first paragraph of this post.  But actually…it is even better.  My fiance proposed to me in Africa, the place that brought us together in the first place (we were Peace Corps volunteers there) and where I was working all of last year.   He came to visit me in the Sahara Desert and given those circumstances, opted to propose with a “temporary ring” and then choose THE ring together when I got back to Chicago.

Within days of getting engaged, I realized I needed to set my priorities straight, and venue shopping was at the top of my list.  However, now that that chapter is ALMOST done, I’ve moved my focus BACK to the ring.  I would have been happy with ANY ring my fiance picked out and am happy with the temporary band, but he has explained that in addition to the precarious circumstances outlining our engagement in Africa and how dangerous and risky it would have been to bring a diamond, he wants to make the ring decision together since its as major of a life decision for him as us buying our first place together – in other words, he wants us both to be happy with it.  And I am happy with that.

Because I have free reign though, I’ve become increasingly picky about every ring I try one – That band is too wide , this one has too much engraving, and this diamond just sits too high.  But the main issue I am struggling with is that I am looking for an engagement ring that has an exact matching band.  I want the ring to sit on the band like they were made for each other without one mm of space between them.  And this ladies, is not an easy thing to find.

The original ring I liked was a classic, round brilliant, six prong solitaire.  Since the setting is relatively inexpensive, we would focus on upgrading the diamond and making it as shiny as your eyes could take.  This is a ring that would undoubtedly be passed down with delight for generations and generations.  BUT, 6 prong round solitaires do NOT sit PERFECTLY with any band, and it was driving me nuts.
{Blue Nile}

The other ring I am head over heels in love with is a round, brilliant micro-pave cut diamond.  This ring FEELS like it belongs on my hand AND the best part is the wedding band slides underneath it LIKE A GLOVE.  It sits PERFECTLY below the engagement ring, with no mm to spare. I love this ring, but am worried I won’t in 50 years?  Is this possible?  To give credit to me, I’ve been eye-ing this ring for over a year and still melt every time I try it on.  So I think it may be the one.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how to fit a 6 prong round e-ring with a band PERFECTLY please let me know :)   I am beginning to get sick of the skeptical glances at me when I view a venue or try on a dress without my bling on.  Anyone else engaged and NOW shopping for rings, or have another unconventional ring story?  Who says we need to follow “the rules” whatever they may be :)  Your wedding is special and unique to you.