Hello Again!

I’m so excited to be back at EAD – Thursdays and Sundays from now until the wedding! Which, incidentally, is starting to feel real, with five months-ish to go.

I’m not sure I ever really introduced myself as a guest blogger last year, so here’s a little bit about me, the boy, and the party. I’ve been writing about our wedding at It’s a Long Story, where E. found me. I’m a chemist, DJ is a transportation broker. We met in high school, were engaged young, and broke up for five years. It was pure chance that we ever talked again – but once we did, things were finally right for us.


We have the date: September 26, 2009. The location: the Byron Colby Barn in Grayslake, Illinois. A seriously cute DJ: Kristin from Toast and Jam. Photographer: Kim Hall of Bowtie Photography. Officiant: A good friend. A feeling: Perfectly imperfect, just like us.

We/I also have a load of projects, which have been all kinds of fun. We almost didn’t book the Barn because the contract specified that we were not allowed to replace the provided chairs with rentals. That was very nearly a dealbreaker for me, not being a big fan of metal folding chairs.  But we really liked the barn itself, so I spent lots of time sewing muslin chair covers with matching table runners.

I designed our invitations and Gocco’d them, which I really enjoyed. I’m no graphic designer, but I’ll take golf claps for effort.  (The inserts weren’t finished for this photo.  Still aren’t, in fact!)


The various other elements are coming along: a flower backdrop for the ceremony, vintage silverplate with garden roses on the tables, 250+ votive candles, homemade cookie favors, punny cocktail napkins, and a minor book theme to honor our sagging shelves at home.

barn board

I’m very excited about all of it, and looking forward to sharing the next few months with all of you!