Let Them Eat Cake!

Last time we chatted about my great debate regarding cake, I was still completely baffled on possibly leaning toward a cake buffet, cupcakes or a spread of ice cream and cookies. So I thought about a cake buffet and I considered the idea of cupcakes and then, for the 87th time, went back to the thought of forgoing cake entirely for cookies (his favorite) and/or ice cream (my favorite). I debated a simple array of delicious cakes picked up the day before the wedding at a regional grocery store chain known for their amazing bakery among many other claims to fame. I hunted around for cake stands in local antique shops and on ebay, and then I priced out cupcakes from a local cupcake baker that I learned about, Pamela of Cupcakes and Smiles, and despite not wanting the cake or lack thereof to be a priority, I found myself spending far far too much time and energy trying to make a decision related to cake. So guess what I did? I did the one thing I never expected to do – I picked up the phone and I scheduled an appointment to order, you guessed it, a wedding cake.

{Richard Wood Photographics}

I’ve had the opportunity to taste Bonny’s cakes at a local bridal show three years in a row. I’m a total dessert connoisseur and I am here to tell you, I have never tasted cake as good as Bonny’s. This year I went to the bridal show just to taste her cake again and pick up her card. And then, for whatever reason, I tucked her card away and continued to debate cake for over three months.

Well, this past Saturday M and I met with Bonny, we discussed flavors and design and we put down a deposit on our cake. Done and done! And the best part? I can rest assured that our guests will get to eat what will likely be the best wedding cake they ever have, and with a bit of luck we’ll have leftovers to take with us on our honeymoon.

{Richard Wood Photographics}

We went with a four tier cake with two tiers of white cake with Bonny’s famous champagne mousse filling and two alternating tiers of strawberry cake with an amazing strawberry daiquiri mousse filling. The cake will boast Bonny’s incredibly yummy champagne frosting and it will be insanely delicious. For the last 20 years, my mother has made me a strawberry birthday cake with fresh berries and whipped cream frosting. The flavors, fillings and frosting we’ve chosen remind me of my signature birthday cake, which delights me to no end. The best part? I won’t go insane thinking about cake anymore. The tiers will be 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ and decoration will be sweet and simple. I wanted our cake to actually look like cake, so we opted for a simple beaded edge along the bottom of each tier and a pattern of small diamond clusters of swiss dots on the sides of the tiers. The cake will be a topped by a mound of white/ivory roses and at $2.50/slice including delivery and setup, it’s very affordable, especially considering the quality and taste of the cakes Bonny creates.

{Pink Cake Box}

I literally spent about 15 minutes researching simple white cakes that I liked and passed these three images along to Bonny. Our cake will be very similar only with roses on top instead of hydrangeas and I’m leaning toward no flowers along the tiers. I am also considering forgoing fresh flowers entirely and going with a cluster of these lovely clay gardenias that Alexis shared with me. (Thanks, Alexis!) How pretty are these?

{Cake Flowers by ccbycheerie}

I am so excited to scratch this off my list, despite going a completely different direction than anticipated, and even more excited to get to eat a big fat piece at our wedding. This definitely ranks right up there among the best decisions I’ve made to date – I’m staying sane and I get to eat amazing cake. Perfect!