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Escort cards: Part deux.

Happy weekend dear readers! I hope you had a great Saturday and are going into a warm and relaxing Sunday. We’ll be hitting up the brunch at Whole Foods today for a treat…after a stressful week of planning, we figured we deserved some mimosas and french toast!!

After our mishap with our invitations a couple of weeks ago, I realized that our stationary theme had completely fallen apart. Because I’ve only done about 25% of our escort cards, I decided to go in a slightly different direction with them to match our natural, kraft-y stationary theme we’ve got going.


I picked up a lot of 300 scrabble tiles on eBay, some Zots, and 150 brown kraft bookmarks from Michaels. Using the same typewriter stamps that we used for our invitations, I stamped each name of the attendees and used a Scrabble letter (either first or last initial) glued to the top with a Zot.


We’ll be writing the table numbers on the back of the cards once we’ve finally figured out seating!!! This way, the guests will be able to take their cards home to double as bookmarks…we have quite the book-loving family.


This is how they turned out! I rather like them…I can’t wait to see them all laid out together.


Even though I love the new escort cards, I must admit they weren’t truly necessary. I mean, it would have been absolutely fine to stick with the old ones! I think it’s one of the things that comes along with a long engagement…we’ve had so much time to think about all of these things that I’ve been second guessing everything….it’s enough to drive someone crazy! Luckily, we’re at 34 days…so close!

Did you second guess any of your planning decisions along the way?

Much love,