A Wedding Band

On Tuesday evening, M and I went out and got his ring size determined by a couple of jewelers. (Naturally, I forced him into two places to double check the first size was correct – totally normal, right?) I told you we were considering going with Etsy for his wedding band, and after some further consideration, I decided to go for it! I love Etsy, I love supporting independent artisans and the price could not be beat. Really – $45 for a wedding band, no tax nor shipping? Now that is a language I can speak. Fluently.

So we got home that night and I took one last look through the many styles offered by Titanium Knights and ultimately decided on a domed ring with cut grooves on either side. It’s 6mm wide with a combination of a brushed finish in the center and polished bands on the outside. It’s classic but with a bit of detail while still remaining simple. And truthfully, it’s perfect for him.

[Ring by Titanium Knights]

Titanium Knights have super quick turn around times (2 – 3 days production time before shipping) so I should have it in my possession soon and I’ll be sure to let you know what we think of the quality and share additional photos. They have great feedback on Etsy so I’m confident it’s going to be perfect, but in the event it’s not I figure we’ll just upgrade his band for our first anniversary. I’m really super happy with this decision and can’t wait to see his ring! It was a lot of fun to pick it out and it’s one of those little things that makes this whole getting married thing feel a lot more real.

Thanks for all of your feedback before on whether or not to give Etsy a whirl – has anyone else decided to go the handmade route, too?