Electronic Invitation

It’s officially a year until I get married, woo hoo!  And believe me – I have grandiose plans DIYing most of the planning from the invitations to the centerpieces.  So when my fiancé’s mother generously offered to throw us an engagement BBQ at her house, I had visions of BBQ sauce being sent out to guests with the event information on a label.  However, my first month on the job coupled with weekends of long distance traveled exhausted my creative juices and I decided that in this case, a simple EVITE was suffice.  This had as much to do with the nature of the event, a bbq, as with my busy schedule, but I’ve been very pleased with the results.  Evite made it very easy for me, allowing me to choose my own format, pictures, text, and guestlist.  Evite encourages guests to RSVP, so within days, I was better able to give my MIL to be a more accurate guest number.

Did you send out paper invitations for your parties?  What’s the new etiquette for other party invitations (bachelorette, bridal, etc). ?  Paper or electronic?

The top half of our evite.

A close up of our photo, taken on our recent trip to the Middle East.