Personalized Thank You Cards

I’d mentioned that my next 2 posts were going to be on 1) our recent engagement party, and 2) our meeting with our DOC.  Starting next Tuesday, I will indeed be writing about those 2 events, but since this is my 2nd post in one week, I thought I would interrupt regular programming with this announcement – I’ve finally done my first DIY project!

Although we tried to emphasize that no gifts were necessary at our engagement party, some friends and family insisted on being generous.  I wanted to send a special Thank You note because I’m still a little uncomfortable with the idea of all these people showering us with gifts just because we are getting married.  With our $25 Border gift card (one of our engagement gifts) I planned on buying some classy Crane and Co. Thank You cards, but as soon as I saw the wall of blank, colored postcard sized cards, my instinct kicked in to get creative and personal.  And so it begins – the endless obsession with making things matchy-matchy (a.k.a designing everything to tie with one theme).

I’d taken a one-day long Photoshop class a few years ago, and it was the best $800 I’ve ever spent.  With minimal Photoshop knowledge I designed the following two invitations to send as Thank You cards to our guests, with our images masked behind the text.  I think I will send the white paper with colored text to the adults (more traditional) and the kraft-paper brown invites with black comic book text to our friends – since they might “get” the urban, modern funky chic theme of our wedding a little more.

Although very simple, I’m pleased with the results.  The cards are postcard sized, and our handwritten Thank You message and our recipients’ addresses will appear on the back.