Worth the Wait

I never thought it would feel this good.  Frankly – I was worried I would be disappointed.  After all the years of lusting after this ring, and months of waiting for it, I thought – for sure – I would feel a twinge of disappointment once I put it on (a twinge I was ready to hide for the rest of my life).  Contrary to my suspicions, I’ve literally been weak in the knees and downright dizzy when looking at my shiny new ring bling.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING – not even my mangled finger – could dampen my mood when I look at it on my finger.  It feel so attached to it already, I’ve had to give it a name, Ringo.  And Ringo is the most beautiful (material) thing I have ever laid eyes on in my entire life.

My fiancé proposed with a placement ring in January since he was worried about bringing valuables when he visited me in Africa.  We picked out the ring together when I got back in March.  Since then, I’ve been happily engaged and planning our wedding and didn’t really feel anything missing.  But Friday I nearly fainted like a Disney damsel in distress when I put the ring on for the first time.  Since then I have had a mile perma-grin on my face that cannot be erased.

Both of us were in Chicago last weekend for our engagement party (another blog entry coming up).   The morning of the party, after meeting with our DOC (another blog entry coming up),  we took a walk to the place near where we first kissed and he got down on one knee for the second time this year and asked me, “Do you still want to marry me?” -  a loaded question after you’ve been engaged to someone for 6 months and seen their transformations.  I feel like I should have been asking him, “You sure you still want to marry me!?”

Frankly, I feel lucky and relieved that my man still wants to marry me :) And he and Ringo was the truly worth the wait.

Showing off my ring to friends for the first time
Showing off Ringo to friends for the very first time

Me and Ringo writing this blog entry