A Parisian Photo shoot

I have never regretted our decision to not do an engagement session.  I didn’t think it was necessary for us, and I never saw a photo shoot I felt like I couldn’t live without.

Until now…

As you know, we were engaged in Paris.  So when I came across this photo shoot on this blog that was found on this blog taken by this photographer.

–I fell in love–


These are so incredibly romantic!  I just can’t stand it-and we must go back to Paris ASAP to recreate this session!


I mean, does it get any better? Ah, you can just feel the love when you look at these images!


AND I’m obsessed with my iPhone, so this picture really made me fall in love even more…


What an incredible shoot.  I can just see our kids years from now looking over pictures like this of us-and I love the idea of having the memory of Paris preserved in professional pictures forever.

Did any of you struggle with the “engagement shoot or no engagement shoot” dilemma like I did?  Were you happy with your decision to do it or not to do it?  Has anyone heard of doing an “engagement shoot” after our wedding??  HA, is that ridiculous??