Invitations Part 5 – A Labor of Love

Our guests will find a lovely treat in their mailboxes this week — our invitations! Finally! I never thought the day would come. Here’s a look at the complete suite, a.k.a. our pride and joy:


And the cost breakdown:

  • Invitation cardstock: $20.00
  • Invitation mats: $16.20
  • RSVP postcards: $16.00
  • Inserts: $14.00
  • Additional cardstock: $5.75
  • Pocket folds: $88.20
  • Envelopes: $25.00
  • Ribbon: $16.00
  • Monogram stamp: $12.00
  • Illustration: $10.00
  • Gocco supplies (screens, bulbs, and inks): $80.00
  • Miscellaneous supplies (adhesives, ink, embossing powder, etc.): $38.00
  • Postage for invitations (61 cents each) and RSVP postcards (30 cents each): $79.18

That’s $420.33 for 90 invitations, or approximately $4.67/invitation!

Sure, I had to re-adhere the monogram stamps to the ribbon three times before I got them to stick. And, yes, each green is a slightly different shade. And, of course, sometimes I wanted to throw the Gocco out the window. But would I do it all over again? You bet!

Last week I placed stamps on the RSVP postcards and envelopes and hand addressed each one. Then on Thursday night — before leaving for a holiday getaway — we stuffed and sealed all 90 pretty little packages. And I just dropped them off at the local post office to be hand canceled and mailed.



These have truly been a labor of love! You can read previous posts here:

What DIY projects are you most proud of?