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Things I Like: Wax Seals

When I was in high school (or maybe even middle school?), I had a wax seal with the letter J on it (mom, any idea where that might be?). I loved how it made me feel like royalty and how it made everything I sealed with it much more important. The seal was only to be broken by the person to whom the note was addressed, and if it was broken in advance they’d know the secret enclosed in the note would be out! I mean really, as if the world didn’t already know that Frank had a crush on Erin, c’mon…but still, any notes sealed with it were TOP SECRET.

Now that I’m seeing all these pictures of invitations or favors from Flush Designs that use wax seals, I am convinced that I once again need one.



{images and designs by Flush Designs}

The white one on the bottom reminded me of marshmallows! We had been thinking of having s’mores kits as favors, and how cool would it be to seal it with brown and white wax seals? Yum.

I had found a monogram of our initials in a book of monograms from the 1800’s, and after quite some time with it in photoshop, I’m leaning towards incorporating it into our wedding:


Will I lose a lot of the detail though if it’s in a seal? What I love most about this monogram is all the detail that it has and I’d hate for it to come out looking like an insect of some sort. Has anyone ever ordered a custom seal before? Any words of advice?

Another blogger friend of mine, Kristal, suggested using colored glue sticks and a glue gun instead of melted wax which sounds like SUCH an easier way to stamp. Anyone try it?

So, I’ve seen wax seals on invitation suites, programs, and I’m thinking of using them to seal bags for favors. Has anyone seen or used seals in these ways or other ways? OR, better yet, have you tried it yourself? Is it a DIY nightmare?