Possibly Maybe THE Shoes

[Hello Kate Spade, what’s in the box?]

[Ooooooh. Let’s take them outside with better light.]

[Much better.]

[A close-up of the jewels on the toes]

These have been sitting in a box by my desk for the past month. I bought them on a whim at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I wasn’t planning to buy anything, but while my mother and sister were trying on shoes, I saw them and immediately thought of the wedding. They were…

1. flat. Perfect so that I won’t be taller than the boy.
2. ultra feminine
3. {roughly} 50% off
4. Kate Spade

The “maybe these are my shoes” part stems from the fact that they’ll be sitting in a box for an entire year waiting to be worn. I’m afraid that I’ll just find something better later on. Luckily, these shoes will be able to be worn with other outfits, so I think I might just keep them even if I do find a different pair.

What do you think? Cross shoes off my list? Or keep my eyes open for another?  Oh, and here is my dress if you need to revisit it to help you make your decision!

[Kate Spade Faith Ballerina Flat]