Engagement pic inspiration

As I mentioned before, our engagement pics are coming up!  Needless to say I’ve been spending lots of time recently searching some of my favorite photographer’s blogs for inspiration.  Now I am definitely not planning on handing my photographer a list of “must have shots” or poses….I 100% believe that you hire a photographer for their artistic talent of “seeing” great shots….not just for their fancy camera.  With that said, I also believe that pictures should portray who you are as a couple.  Whether that involves wearing certain outfits, a specific meaningful location, or your favorite activity.

For Lance and I one thing specific pops into my head….Husker football.

Our shared affection (read: obsession) for Nebraska football first brought us together in Utah…and every game-day since we have spent dressed in red head-to-toe cheering on our favorite (college*) team.  (In fact, we are squeezing our session in while we are back for the home opener over labor day weekend!)  I thought a fun way to incorporate this in our e-pics would be to throw the old pigskin around a bit and/or get some fun shots around Memorial Stadium!






(1st pic from here, 2,3,5 from here, & 4 from here)

Downtown Lincoln has a lot of neat photo ops too…



(3 pics from LeahLund)

…and something I know I want for sure are some country pics…with cornfields and tall grass.




(4 pics from Kabloom)

I haven’t finalized anything yet with Khara but hopefully we can venture to some of these neat places!!  Where did you find inspiration for your e-pics?  Did you take them somewhere meaningful to you and your sig other??

* we are also huge MN Vikings fans (well I am thanks to Lance)…um btw did you hear we got B. FAVRE!?!  Heck Yes!