The Sweetest Occasion – A Teaser

As we oh so quickly approach two full months since the wedding, I wanted to share the few photos we’ve gotten to date with many promises for so much more to come in upcoming weeks. (I also have a ton of DIY projects to share and I swear I’m working on getting those together. Newlywed life has turned out to be quite busy so far!) Without further ado, here’s a little glimpse inside our wedding weekend…

Fastening my sister’s necklace, the one I made for all my lovely ladies. This photo looks so posed, but it really wasn’t – is that a good photographer or what?

My dear dear friend, Brian, made for a very handsome bridesman. He wore the same classic black tux and champagne tie as M and the groomsmen.

I love this series…even though I hate the hair pin that managed to ruin these photos. (Luckily, we apprehended this little rebel of a hairpin so it could ruin no more photos shortly after these were snapped.)

Ohhh how I loved my dress in all her beaded lace glory…

These kind of off the beaten track bridal party photos (sans bouquets) were precisely what I wanted. I love these in front of the old building around the corner from our ceremony location. And I love how the mismatched dresses looked when paired together.

Across the village, my handsome groom and his groomsmen stopped by the local brew pub for a pre-ceremony beer…

Lovely lovely DIY baby’s breath bouquets…I adore how these turned out.

After our ceremony was rained out (more on that later) and all of my meticulous plans were foiled, we dragged a couple of old chairs out into the big polo field down the street for these beautiful twilight images.

As a girl who grew up on the water, beautiful, romantic dockside photos were a must for me…

And, wow, did our photographer deliver…

Funky, casual and offbeat group photos were another must-have. I am really quite over overly posed group shots. Grab a drink and have fun, that was my theory for the weekend.

So there you have it! A little sneak peek into the fun of our two-day wedding weekend. I promise so many more details to come!
{All photos by James Bass}