There’s a dress in my closet (and some shoes!)

Thank you to everyone for the time you took to [intlink id=”18436″ type=”post”]make suggestions[/intlink] about where we should go on our honeymoon! There were many places I had not even thought of (Croatia, Buenos Aires) and I am glad I threw the question out there to get some feedback I would not have gotten otherwise. We still have not made much progress because we keep wanting different things, but we’ll get there eventually.

This weekend I picked up my dress, and now it’s sitting in my closet hanging off of our suitcases on the top shelf. And it will remain there for the next 6 months until I have my first alterations appointment! It’s a heavy white dress in a thin garment bag, and paranoid little me worries that something will happen to it over half a year. Like the cat will find it one day and decide to yank it off the rack. Or I will trip while holding it, ripping off some of the tulle or lace. Or aliens will come and decide they need an artifact from Earth and will decide that my wedding dress is too pretty to pass up. Totally possible.

A lot of alterations have to be done, including bringing up the shoulders so that I don’t *cough* expose myself in front of 200 people. The associate showed me a photo of a bride who had ties sewn in the back so the dress would stay up, but I immediately cried “Noooo! The back is the best part!”

[Buying a new gown from a bridal salon? They aren’t joking when they say order 6 months in advance–it took 5 months for my dress to arrive in the store.]




[All black flats from Anthropologie and]

In other exciting news, I returned the Kate Spade shoes and bought these embroidered grey flats. I’m really happy with how they look with the dress!

Do you have a dress just sitting around watching the time go by?