You Can Wear It Again

Does anyone ever really wear a bridesmaid dress again? {Crickets chirp}

I thought so. Please feel free to prove me wrong in the comments. :)

I hope that even if my sisters don’t wear their dresses again, that their photos don’t end up in a book like You Can Wear It Again by Meg Mateo Ilasco. (Despite how loud these dresses are, you really can’t deny that there’s something incredibly festive about them all! I think this book would make a great addition to a thank you gift for the maids.)




[Where has the hat gone in bridal fashion?? Photos from You Can Wear It Again by Meg Mateo Ilasco, published by Chronicle Books]

I {think} we have finally come to a compromise and chosen dresses to order! If you recall, I was on the hunt for green dresses and trying not to turn my sisters into props.

I recently fell in love with this dress and this dress but both got lukewarm reviews from the sisters. Some weeks went by, lots of Internet surfing happened, and then I saw this dress from Saja. Saja was the first place I had tried on wedding dresses, and is also where my sister almost bought her dress. So I already knew it might be a winner.



[Saja bridesmaid dress in jade]

And {woohoo!!} it was! Both sisters have agreed to get the dresses from Saja, they just need to choose a silhouette of their liking. Both dresses will be in that gorgeous green and shoes will be left up to them.

I’m also super excited to have found this photo from Grace Bonny’s wedding in Martha Stewart. I just love how the flowers pop against the bright green dress!


The best part of this all is that my sisters like what they will be wearing. Even if they will never wear the dress again, I can be comforted by this fact.

Have you ever had to wear an indescribably ugly bridesmaid dress? Can you wear any of your dresses again?