Help Mo Pick Lanterns!

[The inside of the tent with yellow and white lanterns, lanterns are 24 inches]

We have decided to have about 30-50 paper lanterns in the tent to fill the space and add lighting. This was a slightly tough decision, because our venue won’t let us put the lanterns up ourselves. Someone who is licensed and insured needs to do the dirty work for $350. Ouch.  So although paper lanterns sound like a cheap option for decorating, they are in fact not going to be cheap for us at all. I feel as though we had few choices, because we can’t hang any lighting up there ourselves, so it was either pay the fee, or go without any pretty lighting in the tent.

Since we have now committed ourselves to this extra invoice fee, I need your help. These are the colors I am thinking about for the tent:


[Paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar]

Those are the colors that match our color scheme, but I was thinking maybe even more colors would be fun, like in this amazing inspiration board (look in row 3). (Keep in mind, this is our inspiration, and this is our website.)

Here’s where you can help! Which option do you like?

A. To h%^& with a color scheme! Go with more color, it will look perdy.
B. Keep to the three colors, it will make the decor look more unified.
C. There are too many colors, I would only do one of those colors or two.