Monochromatic Bridesmaid Style

So I touched briefly in my previous post about how much I love monochromatics. Well, I do. Like a lot. And since I already had you all hooked while I blogged about flowers, I figure I’m gonna continue the trend for another week or two whilst divulging about some of my personal favorite things to see at weddings as a designer!

First up: the monochromatic look for bridesmaids. I love it. I beyond love it. I swoon for it. And, sadly, I could not find a single good shot from a real In The Now 2009 wedding to show you. I did have a few, but I’ve been bad about requesting images so alas, google to the rescue! Now, for the soapbox portion of my post…


Having your bridesmaids hold bouquets in the same tone [and, if possible, exact shade] that they are wearing is a hip and easy way to to spice up your wedding palette. It’s the best way to bring the modern to your wedding party! Even better than having their wear short dresses, different dresses, or different colors than one another. I’m a huge fan of allowing your bridesmaids to pick a dress that suits them stylistically and body-type wise (or, actually, hand-picking the dresses for them as the bride with your event designer works, too! I know it’s something I love to be involved in, as it truly gives a huge statement to the “wedding look” as a whole).

But, adding in the element of a monochromatic bouquet into the mix just screams modern in a way that will get you noticed! Just look at the image above. The bride is holding the SAME flowers as all of the girls, but because the girls are painted in all-yellow, something about the bride looks so special and different! Beyond that, the wedding looks fresh, different, and totally fun to attend- am I right? I mean, I want to be there right NOW!! Some more of my favorite snaps from around the web:

Found on

I love the deep rust color of the girls’ dresses and the way their bouquets just soak into this image. I know that this may feel like a “but I’m paying SO much for flowers that I want them to stand out!!” type of moment… however, I want you to remember: the best weddings- the absolutely most fabulously styled weddings are all about subtlety. They don’t shove in your face how much money was spent, how outlandish they can be, or how “cool” the bride and groom are as a couple.. they just are. Allow your wedding to marinate in it… allow your wedding to reek of it!


This image was found on a random Photobucket account but the bride looks eerily similar to one I remember Michael Norwood shooting last year.

Now- I understand if a lot of you readers cringe at the image above. I mean, really, bridesmaids wearing WHITE! Bridesmaids matching the bride! But remember what I said about understated elegance?? This is it, y’all. This is formal gone GOOD. This is the best of the best. Not only is the bride clearly not a ‘zilla (as, what ‘zilla do you know that would allow her girls to looks so good??), but she gets it. Yeah, they’re wearing white. Yep, they’re holding white. But they’re not the bride. They’re not the show stopper and they won’t ever become one- because it’s not their wedding day. The guests are there to see YOU. To watch you walk down the aisle, kiss the person you’ve just committed your life to, and dance the night away. Sure, bridal parties are fun- for the bride and groom. That’s what they’re intended for. But for the most part, your friends and family don’t give a hoot about your ‘maids and ‘men, they hoot for YOU! And come on- how is the above image not the most fabulously stylish thing you’ve ever seen?!?

Found on InStyle Weddings

This above image has to be my favorite. Not only does it also incorporate the idea of allowing each bridesmaid to have their individual identity, it also has them holding blue bouquets. Which I adore. And are terribly rare and hard to create, I assume. But, really. Hello, Style! We’ve come for you and there’s no turning back!!

There’s no doubt that having a wedding centered in the NOW will create a sense of “wow” for your guests. Give them something to drop their jaws over! Maybe some of them will notice- others won’t be able to pin point exactly what it is that they love so much about your design and decor for the big day… but we’ll know! And more than that, those who were there with you will have something to talk about for the years to come! It’s the best way to make your wedding more than memorable. Truly unforgettable!

So, have I talked you into it or what? Who has plans to hold monochromatics? Who thinks otherwise? Let’s start the discussion!!