2010: The Year of the Wedding

Well Hello 2010!  I’ve been waiting for you for a looooonnnggg time.  Luckily 2009 was pretty cool and we had some fun together…but you 2010…well I have a feeling you and I are going to be really great friends…maybe even BFFs.

And so it begins…the year of the wedding.  I remember how long away 2010 sounded back when we got engaged in 2008…but what do you know…time flew and BAM…here we are!!  Hooray!

So I may have taken a small break from doing anything productive for the wedding…ok so maybe it was more like a month.  Anyways…waking up News Years day I realized that we were about to hit the 5 months-to-go mark.  (holy bananas!)  So I decided I should probably blow the dust off that planning binder and get back at it!  Well much to my surprise that month I took off was a pretty important one in the land of planning check-lists…and now I suddenly feel behind!  EEK!  I guess I just kept telling myself I have TONS of TIME…what’s the rush?!  Happens to the best of us right?

I declared this week “Get-Back-On-The-Wedding-Planning-Bandwagon” week.

First item of business…get in bridal shape!  I already have a regular work-out schedule that consists mostly of running, so I decided to spice it up a bit by adding a little challenge that will help tone up my arms (hopefully).  Push-ups…100 of them.


I saw this challenge a while back on a wedding blog (go figure…my go-to source for all things awesome) and figured what the heck…I can do that!  So I am.  Here’s to sexy wedding dress arms ladies!

Second order of business….or actually just a random hodgepodge of things going through my brain right now that I need to accomplish…


invites by Kims Custom Gifts on Etsy

I’m loving this design with the two birds…what if we swap the tree for a windmill (similar to the poster)…yes? no?

Gift Registry:

Image via Crate & Barrel

Because yours truly has a little ol’ shower coming up in February!!  I’m pretty stoked to start registering.  2 words… Kitchenaid. Mixer….nuff said.

Groom (& his Men) Attire:

suit from Jcrew, ties from Amazon

Now this one will take some work…luckily I have a life size model (AKA. Lance-the Groom) that I can drag from store to store and dress up like a doll.  We know we want grey pants at least…maybe purple shirts with grey ties, or white with purple…or…well I could go on and on.  I’ll save you the boredom and just let you know what we decide.

See what I mean…I have a lot to get done.  I would like to cross these items off the To-Do list by the end of the month…we’ll see how it goes!

So 2010 brides… How ready are you??