Before the ceremony.

When last we left off, Andreas and I had just finished our photo shoot on the Greenway and Beacon Hill and were headed back to the Wang for the ceremony.

First though, we took some pictures with our fabulously dapper wedding party. Here’s Andreas with his guys.



And me with my unbelievably gorgeous ladies.



And the whole group together.


Then the excitement started to set in for the ceremony. I absolutely adore this photo of my mom and mother-in-law peering out over the balcony as the guests are arriving. This was a totally candid moment that I happened to notice from the other side of the balcony as we were taking pictures. I wasted no time in forcing urging Allegro to get this shot! (ps. How beautiful do our mothers look? Love the body language too.)


Then the girls started getting lined up…


And Andreas’ brothers compared last minute notes…


But for us it was a few moments of quiet reflection over an empty theater before our lives changed forever. 


“Okay guys. Time to take your places. Ready?”

Hell. Yes.

*all photos by Allegro Photography