What Is “Blog-Worthy”, Anyway?

“It is very very strange to me that people are styling their weddings into scenes solely for publishing.”
Marcy Blum via Twitter

“We didn’t have a theme.  We didn’t style our photos for a blog-worthy post.  We didn’t have bunting or wear fake moustaches.  It was simply a wedding celebration, surrounded by our nearest and dearest, in a beautiful space that was enhanced with gorgeous seasonal flowers and tasty food.”
Amy of ABCD Design

“It’s my hope that 2010 will mark a return to the classic and timeless… a shift from the right-now to the lasts-forever, a continued focus on the personal details that make weddings special, and a fascination with all things lovely and unique.”
Quote by me, from my post on top wedding trends for 2010

When speaking with brides or vendors, I’m often asked for my opinion on current wedding trends, qualities that make a wedding special, or what makes something “blog-worthy”.  Our industry is putting an increasing emphasis on showcasing styled photo shoots, amazing tablescapes, and unbelievable inspiration.  Gorgeous eye-candy to be sure (and heaven for a blog editor!), but how attainable and realistic are those results for those of you planning your weddings?  And what does “blog-worthy” mean, anyway?

I don’t believe that there is a magic formula for weddings and I am not a lover of all things trendy.  But I can tell you that when I review submissions, I am looking for weddings that have three things in common…

#1: Fabulous Photography

No matter what you bring to the table for your wedding, the end result should be captured by someone who will do it justice.  There are so many talented photographers in the wedding world these days (you can find a few thousand of them here) and their talent and skill are what brings a wedding to life for an editor – and the photos from your wedding are what you will cherish for a lifetime to come.

{Catherine and Payton’s wedding, photographed by A Bryan Photo}

{Carly and Dan’s wedding, photographed by Marie Labbancz}

{Holly and Matt’s wedding, photographed by Paul Johnson}

#2: Personal Touches

Your wedding is about you and your partner, and about your guests.  You are celebrating the love that you share with your partner, surrounded by the people you love the most in the world.  Your wedding should be authentically “you”.

{Emily in her mother’s gown, photo by Tracy Turpen}

{our family at my 10th anniversary vow renewal, photo by Jessica Claire}

{Rachel wore a shrug hand-knit by a friend, photo by Terra Tabbytosavit}

{Lori and Jonathan with their pups, photo by Eclectic Images}

{Jennifer in her cowboy boots, photo by Open Air Photography}

#3: Unique Elements

Eschew the trendy in favor of something thoughtful, imaginative, and unique.

{paper bag wedding programs from Holly and Billy’s wedding, photo by Max Wanger}

{clustered wine bottle and candle centerpieces, photo by Tom Mannion for Elle Decoration December 2009 via This is Glamorous}

{Kristen and Matt’s Mexican Fiesta wedding, photo by Daisy Varley}

{or maybe the wedding has a unique color palette, like this gray and brown one from the archives}

When I choose what to feature here on EAD, I try to bring content that is beautiful and unique, but also approachable and attainable.  Your budget can be big or small, but your imagination is boundless… just like your love for each other.  And funny, isn’t that what weddings are all about?

So tell me – what do you think we as blog editors should be bringing you more of?  What types of weddings or features give you the most inspiration for your event?