Celebrating Ten Years: Ami + Scott

One year ago, the hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was one of the best days of my life.

We celebrated the New Year with everyone we hold near and dear.

The weather in Atlanta was absolutely perfect.

We were surrounded by love and memories.


{left: Mark Brooke, right: Jessica Claire – all photos by Jessica Claire unless otherwise noted; each photo links to its corresponding recap post from the archives}


{Mark Brooke}


{right: Mark Brooke}



{above two photos: author’s personal collection}



{Michael Norwood}

We are parents to the most wonderful, most precious dog on the planet.



{Michael Norwood}


I will be forever grateful to my friends Rebekah and Morgan and to my wonderful and inspiring mother for helping me to transform all of the details and personal touches from imagination to reality.



{guest photos}

Our time capsule is something that we will treasure forever; we will open it again on our 20th anniversary and remember the amazing night it was created.



{Jenna Cole}


{bottom right, guest photo}

My sister, who is my other half, my best friend.  Charlie, who is my baby.



My wonderful father, who is the best man I know, and our amazing friends.




{Michael Norwood}


Our tables were a little bit of magic.  I absolutely adored them.




{Mark Brooke}


{Jenna Cole}

We ate, we danced, we laughed….



We cried with joy…

We watched Dick Clark and sprayed confetti.


{Mark Brooke}

One year later, what do I look back on?

All of the DIY projects, of which there were many, were worth every bit of the work.  I wish I would have done more.  Sadly, there are a few that got pushed due to time.  Creating and styling all of the elements of our event was the most wonderful thing and seeing it come together was so fulfilling.

The live music during our ceremony gave me chills.

I remember the fun that everyone had playing blackjack.

Having Charlie there to celebrate with us was priceless.  He’s a part of our family and it wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Our same day edit was perfect.  There are no words.

One year later, what is my advice to you?

Picture your wedding.  Now fast-forward 20 years and pick up your photo album.  What do you see?  How do you want to remember it, to capture it?  What do you want your wedding to represent?

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of inspiration available to you.  And you should get lost in it, because that is the fun of planning your wedding.  But it’s more valuable when you have a clear vision for your day and can transform the loveliness that you find into something uniquely yours.

“Wedding details” are wonderful things, but it’s not about pulling in as many of-the-moment elements as you can.  The details that you choose should be those that are heartfelt… those that are personal.

There are three things that you will not regret splurging on: photography, videography, and the perfect venue.

We are off today to celebrate the new year with our friends, a many-years-long tradition that was made even more special last year.  I have so enjoyed sharing 2009 with all of you and cannot wait to experience the magic that 2010 will bring.