Decorate Your Door

I love wreaths.  It’s a strange obsession.  And honestly I’m not a fan of holiday wreaths, but for a wedding, give me a wreath for my door (or my gate, my tree, and my window…) any day!

Pink and Green Garden Wreath
{Photo by Belathee via Garden on the Square from Grace’s wedding, via The Sweetest Occasion}

Square Pink Rose WreathFluffy White and Green Wedding Wreath
{light pink square rose wreath, styling by Soiree, photo by Liz Banfield via The Bride’s Cafe; fluffy white and green wreath, floral by Nancy Liu Chin, photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, via Green Wedding Shoes}

Pink Rose Wreath
{hot pink rose wreath, photo by Mel Barlow}

Pink and Green Vine WreathLaurel Wreath Wedding Decor Ideas
{pink and green vine wreath, photographed by Liz Banfield via The Bride’s Cafe; laurel wreath photo by Sara France}

Modern Square WreathSquare Green Wreaths with Ivory Ribbons
{modern square wreath from Stewart and Darryl’s wedding, photo by Eleise Theuer; green square wreaths, photo by Patricia Lyons}

Wreath Made of OrangesLemon and Lime Wreath
{wreath made of oranges, via The Paris Apartment; lemon and lime wreath, image by Peter Frank Edwards via She Walks in Beauty}

seashell-and-glass-wreath-weddingPink and Orange Dried Flower Wreath
{seashell and glass wreath, from Holly and Matt’s wedding, photo by Paul Johnson Photography; pink and orange DIY dried flower wreath, photo by Alicia Clark}

Green Hydrangea WreathPink and White Rose Wreath with Cherries
{green hydrangea wreath hung with pink ribbon, photography by Mary Basnight via The Bride’s Cafe; pink and white rose wreath with cherries, photography by Suzy Clement via The Bride’s Cafe}

Colorful Fall Wreath
{colorful fall wreath by New Hampshire Woods Creations via The Sweetest Occasion}

Yellow Flower WreathPlum and Green Wreath with Vines
{yellow floral wreath from Stoneblossom Floral; plum and green wreath with vines, created by The Treasured Petal, photo by Gabriel Ryan}

Maybe you want to get creative and make a wreath out of flower alternatives, such as this tissue paper wreath:

Tissue Paper Wreath
{tissue paper wreath, tutorial found here}

or this wreath made of cupcake liners and coffee filters:

{Friday’s Child}

Are you decorating your door?  Do tell!