Our Nebraska Wedding: A purple garter and some cuff links

Now that I had my dress on and firmly taped in place…all I needed was my sash…

my beautiful purple garter…(which was handknit by my amazing personal attendant)…


my pretty purple peep-toe shoes…

and last but not least…my amethyst drop earrings from Navy & Lavender.

One quick spritz of Ralph Lauren Romance

and I was officially a BRIDE!

So what was Lance up to while all this bridal-beautification was going on?

He was trying to tie his tie…which turns out he has no idea how to do!


Luckily one of the other guys…who actually has to dress up for work helped him out!

Lance and I decided we wouldn’t go overboard with our gifts to one another.  We were going to be closing on our first home the following Friday (crazy!!) so we decided our money would be best spent on whatever household items we needed.  So he got me some small princess cut diamond earrings…to match my e-ring…and I got him a pair of Vikings cuff-links.  The kid LOVES his Vikes…so of course he loved these suckers!

Apparently it took a bit of shirt-surgery to get these little guys on!

After a bit of hole cutting…the little Viking heads went on like a charm!

(notice Lance STILL doesn’t have his tie tied!?)

Now that we were both set to go…it was time for us to finally see each other!!  I think this is when the nerves/excitement officially kicked in!!

Up Next…our First Look and a few pics!

*All photos by Kabloom Studios